Content Writing
and Editing

Areas of Expertise



Winard Editorial can work with developers, advertisers, marketers, editorial managers, and others on short or long-term projects, for online, print, or multimedia projects.

I have both written and edited articles and projects about a wide variety of topics (including thousands of articles for several online encyclopedias). Stories range from a man who runs marathons backwards to the historic Battle of Midway to the development of African American literature to discussions of assisted living and aging to the visual beauty of ancient Greek coins…..and much more. I have written and edited projects about education, health policy and social services, world history, fine and performing arts and literature, media, international and cross-cultural programs, senior cohort and gerontology, and travel, among other subjects.


Health and social services
History and policy issues
International issues and culture
Media: television, film, audio, and online
Education (K-12 and adult) 
Fine and performing arts and literature
Online reference
Senior cohort/gerontology
International and local travel
And more…